Every book is a new journey. With each page, you discover, learn, and become a bit more than you were before.”.

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A warm welcome to Kids Reading Hub!

The reality of raising a child in a digital age, nurturing a love for reading amidst screens and technology, has its challenges.

Yet, during this time, I also truly understand the invaluable gift that reading can give from nurturing the imagination and enriching vocabulary to promoting empathy and pure, simple joy.

Its my dream to pass on the enchantment I felt as a child (and still do!) to young readers everywhere.

Kids reading hub is a space to connect parents, educators, and all those devoted to sparking a love for reading in children.

Our shared vision is a world where every child is irresistibly drawn to reading.

We strive to inspire curiosity, nurture understanding, and pave the way for a generation of kind-hearted, knowledgeable individuals.

At Kids Reading Hub, I share recommendations of beloved books, practical reading techniques, and even some insightful author interviews!

From ageless classics to the hottest bestsellers everyone raves we’ve got something for every reader. We’re always eagerly seeking out new voices in children’s literature that resonate with our young audience.

So, why not plunge right in and discover various tools and resources?

Ive got something awesome for you.

Do you know what’s more fun than playing in the sandbox on a bright, sunny day?

It’s unboxing the magic of learning and creativity together with your little ones.

Let me tell you about my exciting discovery – Green Kid Crafts.

Imagine your little one’s eyes lighting up with excitement every time a new box arrives in the mail, filled with 4-6 interactive, educational, and downright fun science and art projects.

That’s right, no screens involved! Just pure, hands-on learning experiences that make you the coolest parent (or aunt, uncle, grandparent… you get the idea) on the block.

As a mama myself, I was thrilled to learn that Green Kid Crafts was founded by a fellow mom on a mission. Penny Bauder, like many of us, wanted to spend time on meaningful activities with her kids, but without the wastefulness and time-consuming organization that so often come with crafts.

And guess what?

You can dive into this educational adventure this summer with a sweet 15% off a 3-month subscription. Just use the code SUMMERCAMP at the checkout.

Want to hear the best part?

Green Kid Crafts box is assembled with love in sunny San Diego, California, and the company is sustainably driven by design.

So, you’re fueling your child’s learning and imagination and doing a small part for Mother Earth.

Now, I could rave about this all day, but don’t just take my word for it!

Hear it from Nicole C., a happy parent who says, “This is the best kid craft box around. Love it and so does my child. High quality and the NUMBER of activities! The magazine is great too. So much thought goes into these projects.”

Remember those fun science experiments we used to do as kids?

  • Volcano eruptions,
  • Homemade slime,
  • Crystal growing kits…

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if your kids could have the same fun but with a little more learning sprinkled in?

Green Kid Crafts has you covered.

Just click right here to get started with Green Kid Crafts and let the magic of hands-on learning unfold right at your kitchen table.

Because the best memories are made when we create, learn, and grow together!

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